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Proton Pals Foundation provides, at no charge, a wide-range of support services for people affected by cancer and their loved ones. Programs are available to proton therapy patients with any type of cancer and at any stage of the cancer journey.

We will work with the medical teams at both the Oklahoma Proton Center and the Proton Therapy Center at the Stephenson Cancer Center at the University of Oklahoma to help any patient needing assistance!

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We create opportunities for survivors to celebrate through special events and educational opportunities to share, listen and learn from one another.


We work with patients and providers to ensure access to support groups, counseling and therapy to assist families in coping with serious illness.

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We secure free and/or low-cost hotel rooms or underwrite patients rent and/or mortgage during treatment.


We work with patients and/or their families to make sure they have access to healthy meals through restaurant or grocery store gift cards, provide meals and/or supply Ensure or Boost.

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We provide a myriad of initiatives in support of pediatric patients including ongoing social activities, end of treatment celebrations, and technology/games in addition to our other services for patients and their families.


We will be active in participating local, national and international studies and clinical trials that will advance proton therapy treatment and patient care and continue to demonstrate the positive impact of proton therapy to treat cancer while sparing healthy tissue so to continue to justify expanded insurance coverage for patients.

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We provide free and/or discounted tickets to a wide variety of activities in our community such as tickets to the zoo, museums, sporting events, concerts and theater productions.


We create opportunities for survivors to focus on their mental, physical and emotional health through fitness, education, and social activities.

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We provide gas cards and/or underwrite airfare, taxis and/or Uber/Lyft to ensure patients and their families have the ability to obtain treatment.


We underwrite a portion of treatment expenses to patients needing assistance paying for their proton therapy or other ancillary expenses so to ensure access to treatment.

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Senior Physiotherapy


We strive to enhance the lives of patients through exercise, education and group support so to successfully make lifestyle changes that make a positive impact on their well-being while being surrounded by others who have similar experiences.

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