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Executive Director

At age 44, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May of 2010.   The Oklahoma Proton Center doctors and staff turned my diagnosis into a positive (pun intended) situation for which I am truly thankful.  As a result of my experiences with the Oklahoma Proton Center, I have chosen to give back and help the cancer patients who will be following a similar road to recovery.  I was truly honored when I was asked to be part of the initial group of people who have helped to create the Proton Pals Foundation of Oklahoma.  As the Executive Director of the newly formed foundation, I look forward to helping creating many positive memories for those that have been impacted by Cancer.   Two of my other great passions include following my daughter around the region as she plays competitive club and high school volleyball and on most Friday nights in the fall you will find me on a football field as I love the challenge of being a high school football referee.  
In the famous words of the great leader Winston Churchill – “Never give up. Never give in.”



Board Chair

Keri was introduced to proton therapy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2019. During her treatments at the Oklahoma Proton Center, she met people who needed assistance in order to receive the treatments they needed. 
In her own words, Keri says, “I am truly honored to be asked to serve as the Board Chair. My passion is to serve as many people as possible through the Foundation so that everyone that needs assistance can receive it when they need it most.”



Board Member

As a dedicated advocate for proton therapy and patient support, Heather brings a wealth of compassion to Proton Pals Foundation as a valued member of its board.

 Heather embarked on her journey with Proton Pals in 2021.  Witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by individuals and families affected by this disease ignited a profound sense of purpose to make a tangible difference in the lives of those battling cancer. 

With a background in marketing and graphic design in the healthcare industry, Heather has assisted Proton Pals with promoting their efforts and ensuring patients have the resources and support network they need while receiving proton therapy. Heather actively engages in philanthropy, channeling her expertise towards initiatives aimed at providing patient support/care, and public awareness.

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In September of 2017 our world was changed forever when our 3-year old Granddaughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. We joined the Proton family in October of 2017 for treatment. The Oklahoma Proton Center staff became family to us and we will be forever grateful. My experience meeting so many wonderful who need help before, during and after their treatment inspired me to get involved with Proton Pals Foundation.  I have been married to my husband Rickey for 34 years.  We have 2 grown children and a son-in-law and 2 beautiful granddaughters.

Jenny Washington.png


Board Member

Jenny began her career 25 years ago as a Radiation Therapist. After 4 years in the field, she went on to obtain her certification in Medical Dosimetry.  Jenny has been in an administrative role at the Oklahoma Proton Center since 2013.  Her background in the patient care aspect as well as a being a childhood survivor is what guides her leadership decisions. She believes the patient should be the foundation for every decision made.  She is honored to serve on the executive board of The Proton Pals Foundation of Oklahoma and helping patients get the support they need as they fight this battle.

Krista Storey 2.JPG


Board Secretary

Krista Storey has a long history of volunteerism. She has a passion for making a difference in whatever community lives which include previous stops in Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and now Oklahoma.  Krista has a strong knowledge of cancer patient needs because of being married to Mark Storey, MD, a medical oncologist who has served patients around the country.  While Krista is new to Oklahoma, she isn't new to helping families battling cancer.  Proton Pals is fortunate to having Krista on its board.

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Board Member

Aaron joined Proton Pals after having a deep personal connection to helping cancer patients. Aaron is dedicated to doing all he can to serve patients and their families.

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Board Member

Pieter Meiring joined Proton Pals Foundation with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization, and focus on developing the organization with experience and integrity.



Board Member

Stuart Sullivan joins Proton pals Foundation with experience and a willingness to work for patients.


Val Schott

Board Member

 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May 2022. I began treatment at Oklahoma Proton Center in July 2022 and finished in August 2022. I was joined at graduation by my four grandchildren. I am patient number 4228.

Cancer can and does strike anyone regardless of their position or station in life.  There is always concern about the financial and personal effects cancer has on each of us.  The little things we can do mean so much to help patients in their treatment process.  We are all here to help eliminate cancer and its damaging effects on our society.  Everything we can do, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem helps to further this goal.

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