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Holding Hands in the Sunshine


The mission of the Proton Pals Foundation is to create and develop positive relationships that make a difference in the lives of Proton Therapy Center patients while assisting patients and their families with financial, psychological and physical support that will enhance and improve their quality of life.

To meet the needs of patients and their families, Proton Pals Foundation will implement a variety of programs designed to ensure families have the resources needed to receive proton therapy and the support system to allow them to focus on getting healthy.

We intend to make sure everyone has access to proton therapy along with the support they need to make sure they and their families only have to focus on getting healthy!

Regardless of the type of cancer people have, Proton Pals Foundation will support anyone from or receiving proton therapy treatment in Oklahoma!

Whether someone needs help paying their bills during treatment or someone to talk to, Proton Pals Foundation will strive to make the patients' cancer journey as smooth as possible.

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